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Units 19-20 Whitworth Road

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Pure Laser Machines.

Outstanding build quality and performance.


Split Design

Only have a standard size doorframe? Our Pure Lasers have the ability to split into 2 parts, allowing a machine to get through a 800mm doorway. It can even be broken down into 3 if necessary.

Key Features

Cut and engrave all of your standard CO2 materials such as woods, acrylics, leather, papaper, etc. Comes with honeycomb and slat bed as standard. WIFI capability and motorised drop down bed.

What's Included

Delivered & installed with full trianing on the operation of your new machine. Comes with software and vent to atmosphere extraction (upgradeable), industrial chiller unit, everything to get you up and running on day one.



12 months warranty is provided with all laser cutters. Plus we go above and beyond, offering technical support for the life of your machine via telephone and email.

High End Laser Cutting Machine, Affordable Pricing.


Quality Design and Components at Affordable Prices.  

Looking for a powerful laser cutter but struggling for access to your workshop? Don’t worry, we’ve came up with the solution – Pure Lasers.

Our latest CO2 Lasers are capable of breaking down into 2 and 3 parts to fit through the smallest of spaces. Unlike other split CO2 lasers where design is compromised due to split design, our Pure Lasers still look the part with premium design and components.

Available in both Desktop models and Stand Alone machines.

Our desktop units are fully self contained, which don’t eat up space – with chiller and compressor units built into the body, so all you have is one compact unit – no external parts.

What can you cut on a Pure Laser?

All standard CO2 materials – thicknesses depend on the tube power you opt for.

Cut woods, acrylics, fabrics, leather, even go as thin as paper and card without burning. Engrave onto materials such as slate, glass and marble.

PURE CO2 Laser Cutters Available In Bed Sizes Of  (mm) 500 x 300 (Pure Mini)  | 700 x 500  |  1400 x 800

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Pure lasers are our premium Co2 laser machine brand.  

Premium Build, Premium Components.

All of our Pure Laser cutter engravers include a tinted safety perspex lid to ensure the operator is fully protected without the need for using extra safety glasses.  The Pure Laser machines have been designed with practicality in mind, all of the larger machines (5070 models and above) have a large cutout area to the rear of the machine for the storage of ancillary items such the chiller & compressor.

  • High Quality Design & Build
  • Tinted Safety Glass
  • Modern, Well Lit Working Area With LED Strip Lighting
  • Dual Bed Technology – Slat Bed & Honeycomb Table (Pure Mini has a drilled flat bed & Honeycomb)
  • 1.5G Max Acceleration (5G Max on the Pure Mini)
  • Motorised Bed 200 mm (Pure Mini has a 100 mm bed drop)

The smaller desktop models also have built in systems for the chiller and fan modules making the footprint of these laser cutter engravers the perfect choice for space saving customers!

All of our Pure Lasers come with WIFI modules enabling you to send jobs without cables!

With all of our Pure Lasers, we provide the full package, so you are ready to turn on and go as soon as our engineers leave your site.

Here’s a list of whats included with our machines:

  • Delivery (Additional charges may apply for outside UK mainland)
  • Installation – Conducted by our experienced and professional team of Engineers
  • Laser Tube, Mirrors & Lens (please note, these are consumable items)
  • Vent to atmosphere extraction system (upgrade to a Purex self enclosed system for additional cost) 
  • Slat and Honeycomb Bed
  • Software package included
  • Industrial chiller
  • 12 months on-site warranty

    Please click on the links below to download our specification cards in PDF format for your machine of choice:

    Desktop Lasers: PURE MINI   PURE MINI+ |

    Standing Units: PURE 7050 | PURE 1070  |  PURE 1480


        Since the install of our PJB1060 Laser pupils are even more excited to do Design & Technology now; more younger pupils (KS3) are opting to do Technology based subjects at GCSE. Technical support have been superb, promptly answering our questions and assisting with our needs.

        St Ignatius College

        The machines are fast and reasonably accurate and Daniel the Engineer who installed each machine is a great guy. Radecal have been very supportive and I hope in coming years to be purchasing many machines.

        Pop-Up Designs

        12 Months Warranty*

        All of our CO2 Laser Cutters come with 12 months warranty as standard – giving you the peace of mind that we’ve got you covered if anything goes wrong.

        As well as warranty when you are a Radecal customer you have access to lifetime technical support via phone and email if you ever need to get in touch.

        Need to order parts? We keep common parts such as lenses, mirrors, power supplies etc in stock so you can reorder these with us.

        *Does NOT include consumable items – Laser Tube, Lens, Mirrors are all listed as consumable and are not covered by warranty.


        Split Design

        Don’t think you can fit a laser machine into your workshop? Only have a standard doorframe? Our Pure Lasers have the ability of breaking down into 2 and 3 parts if needed and then reassembled onsite. Pure Minis will fit through most access points without any breakdown.

        Save On Space

        Limited on space? Our desktop units are fully contained systems. Where with our other ranges you have external components such as compressors and chiller units sited by the side or behind the machine. Our Pure Lasers these units are all integrated inside the one unit.

        High Performance

        Our premium range machines are the highest performers in our laser machine portfolio.  High quality components and clever design make Pures the best choice for any business looking for a premium (yet still affordable) Laser cutting system.