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Units 19-20 Whitworth Road

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Piranha X6

Fibre Laser

X6 – 1330

Fibre Laser For High Speed Metal Cutting.  Meet the NEW X Series.


Meet the NEW X6 Piranha Fibre laser machine.  Inherently Fibre Lasers have been out of reach for most businesses, not now with our new affordable range of large format cutting capable machines.

Not only does the X6 look good, it performs like a beast.  Using Maxphotonics as it’s laser source and Raytools components for the cutting head, your business will benefit from tried and tested methods of cutting your preferred materials.

Key Features

  • Control:  Standalone & Wireless Hand controller
  • Drive System: Servo Motors
  • Lubrication System: Centralised System For Easy Maintenance
  • Bed Type:  Moveable Metal Inserts
  • Working Size:  1330 x 3000 mm
  • Cutting Head:  Swiss Made  Raytool, Anti Collision
  • Laser Source:  Max Laser
  • Optical Power:  500W
  • High Speed:  Gantry Speed Of up to 50m per min
  • Supported Files:  DXF, PLT, ENG, NC, NCE


Auto material height tracking for uneven surfaces & auto focus lens system giving you the convenience of speed when setting up and processing. Guideline Cutting Thickness & Speeds (gases used and environmental factors dependent – reference only) : Stainless Steel up to 3mm with speeds of up to 10m per minute. Carbon Steel up to 6mm thick with speeds of up to 9m per minute. Aluminium up to 2mm thick with speeds of up to 8m per minute. Brass up to 2mm thick with speeds of up to 2m per minute.


We offer finance options with the vast majority of our machines.

Our Most Affordable Fibre Cutting Machine Yet

With some machines costing over 2-3 times, our machine is a viable option for more businesses to purchase a Fibre Laser System than ever before.  Why not give us a call to discuss your needs on 0800 304 7250


Download the full product specification list for the Piranha X6 Series Fibre Laser