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Units 19-20 Whitworth Road

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Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.00

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Sales Department

Monster Laser Machines.

Our most affordable CO2 laser cutting system.  Affordable yet highly capable machine.


Dual Bed Technology

Our Monster Lasers come with both slat and honeycomb beds as standard (excluding the ML6040 model).

Key Features

CO2 Lasers with powers up to 150W. WIFI control, Motorised Bed, Collection Trays, Honeycomb & Slat Bed as standard (excluding ML6040). Cost effective design.

What's Included

Delivered & installed with full trianing on the operation of your new machine.  Comes with software and vent to atmosphere extraction (upgradeable), industrial chiller unit, everything to get you up and running on day one.



12 months warranty is provided with all laser cutters. Plus we go above and beyond, offering technical support for the life of your machine via telephone and email.

The Most Cost Effective Laser We Offer.


Cost Effective, Affordable, User Friendly CO2 Laser. 

Are you starting up a business from home or looking for an affordable laser cutter that won’t break the bank?

Let us introduce to you our most affordable CO2 lasers which are increasing in popularity day by day – Monster Lasers.

What’s the difference?

Monster Lasers come with powerful 100W, 130W and 150W tubes the same as our other ranges but they come with a slat and honeycomb bed as standard – there is no additional charge.

What’s the catch? Nothing. These lasers are specced similar to Piranha Lasers. The main difference is the design and build of the machine.

You can cut all of the standard CO2 materials such as acrylic, woods, fabrics and leather. Engrave slate and glass; all non-metal materials.

Monster CO2 Laser Cutters Available In Bed Sizes Of  (mm) 600 x 400  |  1000 x 600  |  1300 x 900 |  1800 x 1200  |

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Our Best Value Laser Cutting Machine

Highly affordable laser cutter engravers that also perform just as you need them to. Our Monster Laser machines come fully kitted with both slat, knife & honeycomb bed systems are included as standard. 


This makes our Monster Laser machines one of the best value systems on the market, no additional costs involved to ensure you are cutting the materials you need. 


Monster Lasers start from stand alone units with 600 x 400 bed size up to 1800 x 1200 and 2m x 3m flatbeds.

With laser tubes upto 150W depending upon the model these are highly capable machines in an affordably priced package.

Monster lasers can also be ordered specially as split units which will fit through a standard doorframe or come with certain modifications such as locking system for doors and lid.

Each machine comes with a 12 month warranty as standard and included everything you need to get you up and running.

When you buy a Radecal laser you get your machine delivered, installed, training on the machine and software, as well as external components such as a chiller and compressor.

With all of our Monster Lasers, we provide the full package, so you are ready to turn on and go as soon as our engineers leave your site.

Here’s a list of whats included with our machines:

  • Delivery (Additional charges may apply for outside UK mainland)
  • Installation – Conducted by our experienced and professional team of Engineers
  • Laser Tube, Mirrors & Lens (please note, these are consumable items)
  • Honeycomb & Slat Bed (Only Honeycomb with ML6040)
  • Vent to atmosphere extraction system (upgrade to a Purex self enclosed system for additional cost) 
  • Software package included
  • Industrial chiller
  • 12 months on-site warranty


Models: ML6040 | ML1060 | ML1390 | ML1812

Excellent. I already had one laser cutter but needed another to reduce waiting time for pupils and also to have back-up in case something goes wrong with one. It is a really no-nonsense, easy to use machine. It is the pride of our DT workshop and even the 8 and 9 year old boys are using it semi-independently. It teaches the pupils how to use different machines.

The Beacon School

Radecal were amazing! The team were brilliant, from initial enquiry to remote set up of the laser.

The PJDT6050 provides us with another string to our bow. Everything we do is designed and manufactured in house and so adding the use of a laser seemed to be a useful addition to our current scope of machinery.

More Creative Solutions

We received quality service from the delivery of the machine the installation. With the help of Daniel – one of Radecal’s experienced engineers – we were up and running in no time.

One month later we felt that the machine was constantly busy and therefore not allowing us to meet clients’ demands, so we took the plunge and purchased a second machine.

Donna Toomey

Inform Display

12 Months Warranty

When you buy one of our CO2 Lasers you have the piece of mind that you are covered incase anything goes wrong – you get 12 months onsite warranty and access to lifetime technical support via phone and email.

We have help and how to guides to help you through simple fixes, software experts that can access your PC remotely via Team Viewer for extra help on software and engineers on the road Monday to Friday incase you need further help.

We keep replacement parts such as mirrors, lenses, power supplies in stock and can order in new tubes when required.


Dual Bed Technology

Our Monster Lasers come with both slat and honeycomb beds as standard – saving you purchasing this as an additional cost. Honeycomb beds are perfect for cutting woods and acrylics – they help with extraction and lift the material off the bed so the residue does not stick to the back of the material. They are also good when cutting small parts which would normally fall through a wide slat bed.

Motorised Bed & Collection Tray

Monster Lasers come with motorised beds as standard with a 250mm depth. Great for when engraving onto larger items such as boxes. Easy to maintain mess as all off cuttings fall and are collected in a tray which pulls out to empty – keeping mess to a minimum.

Modifications Available

Do you have special requirements that you need on a machine? We may be able to modify our machines to suit your needs – just ask. Only have a standard doorway but looking for a stand alone machine? We can offer split design machines on request. Are you a school or college that needs to restrict access to the laser? We have modify to include a locking system so the machine can only be accessed when opened with a key.