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Units 19-20 Whitworth Road

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Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.00

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Sales Department

Looking To Make Bespoke Products With A CNC Router?

Whether you have a CNC, or are looking to purchase a new CNC router in the UK and beyond, making bespoke and or personalised products could have a great impact on your sales figures.

We help businesses of all types reach their manufacturing goals by automating the hand processes that are usually done when manufacturing something bespoke or personalised.

Moving from manually crafting products to using a CNC Router is not a difficult process like it used to be.  For example if you were to buy a CNC router in the UK from us we deliver the machine, install/commision and give you full training so you hit the ground running.  The training doesn’t stop there either, we will support you with extra remote training sessions to ensure you are not left high and dry.

Why Use A CNC Router?

The benefits are huge when it comes to why you should think about using a CNC machine to start producing your products.  Here is a short list of why a CNC router should be on our shortlist of buys:

  1. Fast – there is no doubt that using a CNC for production speeds up your whole process. Could you cut laminated OSB panels at upto 18m per min by hand?
  2. Accurate – need to produce multiple products that need to be the same, everytime?  This is also where a CNC would benefit your business.  You know that when the machine cuts out over 100 items for example, they will be the same size and shape…everytime.
  3. Versatile – a CNC router is such a swiss army knife to have in your arsenal.  You can cut an immense amount of materials that range from simple plywood, MDF, acrylic & plastics, Corian (or any other solid surface material), soft metals (aluminium, brass), carbon fibre, tool foam, HDPE, A2 cladding, composite materials and so much more
  4. Price – when you look at factors such as outsourcing, staffing etc, their costs can far outway the cost of a new cnc router in the UK.  for example you can even spread the cost of one of our machines using finance, an example cost could be around £125 per week +vat.  How much would multiple members of staff or outsourcing cost your business?

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What can you make with a CNC router?

That is a ‘how long is a peice of string’ question really, the possibilies are endless.  We have already spoken about personalised cnc products but your market does not have to stop there.

We have customers who produce a wide array of products using our CNC routers such as (list is not exhaustive):


  • Playground furniture
  • Kitchens
  • Plylining kits
  • Tool boxes and shadow cases
  • Signs – folded tray signs, 3d letters, flat cut letters, sign blanks, school signs, wooden signage
  • Aerospace products such as instrument panels
  • Campervan conversions
  • Glamping pods
  • Sheds
  • Swimming pool components
  • Office furniture
  • Exhibition stands
  • Packaging
  • Conveyor belts
  • Pharma – blister pack moulds
  • So much more…