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Units 19-20 Whitworth Road

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Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.00

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Full Range Of Laminators.

Perfect For Signmakers & Printers.

Monster Laminating Tables

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Flatbed Laminator

Perfect For Signmakers

Flatbed & Roll Laminators

Why Use Laminators For Print?

Any business who prints onto media knows how easy it is to scratch the print and damage the job before and during dispatch to your customer.

This is where a laminator comes into play providing an clear protective layer of laminate material over your output keeping them looking as good as they did when they were printed. Not only that but you can purchase different finishes such as matt or gloss laminate to give your prints the finish you require. 

Vehicle wrappers usually need to laminate their prints with the correct type of laminate that matches their print media, again by using one of our laminators you will be able to acheive this with ease.

Whats The Difference Between Models?

We have 3 types of roll to roll laminator:

  1. Cold
  2. Warm
  3. Hot  

Each machine is very similar in operation but as you move up the range you tend to get the best finish posibble with little to no silvering (the term used when you see very fine layers of air in the print).  

Cold Laminators:

Cold laminators are our starter range perfect for sign startups and business that do not require the reduction of silvering in their laminate.  

Warm laminators:

Our warm laminators use a heated element to ensure your prints rmeove alot of the silvering you may get with a cold laminator.  They operate at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees leaving your prints in prime condition.

Hot Laminators:

With our Hot laminators you increase that temperature to 120 degrees practically eliminating the chances of silvering. 

With all of our laminators you get auto feeding through the use of a foot pedal. freeing your hands 

Why A Flatbed Laminator?

Our Monster flatbed laminators are the perfect tool for mounting prints to substrate such as dibond and foam board.  As an example normally to cover an 8 x 4 ft dibond panel with a print you would require 2-3 people to achieve it.  

However with one of our application tables you can do this process with just one person. Saving you time and money in the process.  

They also come with warm rollers to increase the quality of your final application.

Install Pictures


We received quality service from the delivery of the machine to the installation. With the help of Daniel - one of Radecal's experienced engineers - we were up and running in no time. One month later we felt the machine was constantly busy and therefore not able to meet client demands. We took the plunge and purchased our second machine.

Donna Toomey, Managing Director, Inform Display

The service from Radecal Machines was spot on. The training was very good; I had never used a CNC before in my life so it was quite daunting but I was put at ease with the quality of instruction I received.

Paul Donnely, Plyline Northeast.