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digital cutting table

NEW Piranha PCUT Digital Cutting Table

High performance yet highly affordable digital cutting tables available in a variety of bed sizes.
digital cutting table

German Engineered Aristo Cuttting Tables

Maximum capability with high customisation.


Our Most Affordable Digital Cutting Table


German Engineering | Extremely Customisable

What Is A Digital Cutting Table?

A digital cutting table is primarily used in:

sample production, packaging, display, signage and fabrics.  They are also used widely in the gasket market.

The machines can be configured with different ‘tooling’ heads that enable you to process different materials with a wide range of thickness.

These flatbed cutting tables are perfect for:


  • High speed production
  • Short setup times and no waiting for dies to be produced
  • Highly customisable tooling

How Can You Configure Them?

Digital Cutting Table Machines can be configured with a large range of different tools to make your manufacturing process as streamlined as possible.

  • Plotting pens
  • Oscillating knife system
  • Optical camera recognition for easy contour cutting of prints
  • Creasing tools
  • Driven rotary tool
  • Drag knife
  • Kiss cut tool
  • V – Cut bevel tool
  • Milling head (extraction is required and provided)
  • Auto feed bed systems

In addition to this our Aristo tables can be configured with:

  • Bar code readers
  • Cut recall
  • Parallel tool heads
  • Toolpath projection systems

What is the difference between Piranha & Aristo and the rest of the competition?

Our Piranhar range are highly capable machines in their own right yet they are extremely affordable when compared to Aristo, Esko Konsberg, Summa, Zund, Blackman & White, IECHO etc.

The Piranha Digital Cutting Table sit firmly in a highly affordable category but that’s not to say you are receiving a machine that will be incapable of doing the job in hand.  Far from it, why not take a look at some of the videos on the right side of this page to see for yourself.

Then we have our Aristo range, top of the line engineering and performance that compete and compare to All of the competitors above on every spec.  These machines really are at the high end and large run capacity market.

If you are looking for an affordable highly capable system that would suit sign companies to customers wanting to precision cut fabric, the Piranha Digital Cutting Table Range would be your best bet.  However if you want the very best performer and operate at higher capacity the Aristo range would definitley be a great choice for you.

Cutting Table Videos


We received quality service from the delivery of the machine to the installation. With the help of Daniel - one of Radecal's experienced engineers - we were up and running in no time. One month later we felt the machine was constantly busy and therefore not able to meet client demands. We took the plunge and purchased our second machine.

Donna Toomey, Managing Director, Inform Display

The service from Radecal Machines was spot on. The training was very good; I had never used a CNC before in my life so it was quite daunting but I was put at ease with the quality of instruction I received.

Paul Donnely, Plyline Northeast.