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Piranha Pro Range Of CNC Routers.

High Performance, Fast, Affordable.

Automatic Tool Change CNC Range.

Production Grade, Carousel ATC Piranha Range.

Spartan CNC Router Range.

Popular Choice, Affordable CNC System.

Piranha Pro

Our Most Popular CNC Range

Piranha ATC

Auto Tool Change | Affordable

Spartan CNC

Great Starter CNC Router

Manual  Tool Change CNC Routers

What is a ‘manual tool change’ CNC router? Well it is just as it sounds, the operator will interveen everytime there is a different tool required in the processing of a job.  Although this only takes around 60 seconds or so it could be a very time consuming task if you rely on a machine to do high output.  We can however on certain Piranha cnc machines, add in a quick release spindle that requires a quick press of a button to release the tool holder and change tools.

We have 2 main manual tool change ranges:

 Spartan | Piranha


  1. Spartan CNC – One of the best entry level cnc routers on the market providing potential customers with a very capable machine at a highly affordable price.
  2. Piranha Pro CNC – Our most popular cnc router range of 2016, now back, bigger badder and more capable than ever, additional to processing standard materials such as woods, acrylic, solid surface materials, our Piranha range will also process soft metals such as aluminium and brass.  Superb machine at an unrivalled price, 3 Year warranties and more.

Popular with signmakers, education establishments, plyliners, wood workers

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) CNC Routers

What is meant by automatic tool change?  When your project has more than one type of cut or tool type you would normally be required to pause the job and manually change tools.  However with one of our Automatic tool change machines, the operator has no need to involve themselves in this process directly and the cnc router will do this independantly.   Each machine comes with either an 8 tool position linear rack at the back of the machine or an 8 position carousel cartridge system on the gantry.

Auto tool change is not the only addition you get for choosing this range, each ATC comes with a high performance HSD 9.0KW Spindle, pro servo drives for unrivalled accuarcy and repeatablility, German vacuum pumps and Syntec controllers.

Superb performance doesn’t have to be out of budget, our Piranha ATC routers are highly affordable when compared with the competition.

Customise Your ATC With Oscillating Knife & Camera Recognition Systems.

In addtion to our ATC standard feature set you can also upgrade to machines with oscillating knife technology.  Why use an oscillating blade on a router?

Inrease your cnc machines capabilities by adding an oscillating knife and you will be able to process thinner materials such as cardboard, paper, printed media, thin rubber etc whilst also having a full cnc solution.

Not only that you can also configure with an optical recognition system to automatically recognise registration marks on pre printed substrates to cut them out perfectly.  Our Piranha ATC OS is the perfect tool for any signmaker who prints their own panels and would like to contour cut graphics.

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We received quality service from the delivery of the machine to the installation. With the help of Daniel - one of Radecal's experienced engineers - we were up and running in no time. One month later we felt the machine was constantly busy and therefore not able to meet client demands. We took the plunge and purchased our second machine.

Donna Toomey, Managing Director, Inform Display

The service from Radecal Machines was spot on. The training was very good; I had never used a CNC before in my life so it was quite daunting but I was put at ease with the quality of instruction I received.

Paul Donnely, Plyline Northeast.